Southside Animal Hospital



Southside Inn & Suites 

Going out of town or on vacation? Southside Inn & Suites at Southside Animal Hospital is the perfect home away from home for your pet while you are gone.

Our affordable boarding services are provided by highly trained team members who will care for your pet like their own. The best part is you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a doctor is just steps away if your pet needs veterinary care.

Dog Boarding

Our canine boarding guests enjoy safe, clean facilities under the supervision of our dedicated, experienced staff and have plenty of exercise and socializing time in our outdoor and indoor play areas. 

Dogs are required to be current on vaccinations, including Bordetella (kennel cough). 

Cat Boarding

Complete with soothing sounds and calming Feliway, our cat condos are a hit with our feline guests! Our boarding staff will make sure your kitty get lots of attention, stimulation and socialization during their stay with us.

Cats are required to be current on vaccinations.

We recommend that you make reservations early—our facilities book up quickly, especially during the summer and the holiday season! Call (850) 682-2626 to make your pet’s stay-ca-tion reservation today!