Southside Animal Hospital

Pre-Anesthesia Instructions

If for any reason you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please call our office prior to the scheduled date. Animals need to be in the hospital between 7:30AM-8:30AM for drop off. This is so appropriate blood work can be performed & pre-anesthetic agents may be given. The grooming procedure will be done during the course of the day and your pet can be picked up between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. 

All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier!

It is extremely important that your pet has no access to food after 10:00 PM the night before the procedure. Your pet may have water through the night, but no access to water after 6:00 AM the morning of the surgery/procedure.  Bring this completed form the day of the procedure. 

Pet Name
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Pet Information – Check all that apply
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Your pet is scheduled for a procedure requiring anesthesia. We recommend a blood profile to ensure that your pet is in a low risk category for anesthesia. The latest technology enables us to run safe and accurate blood chemistries on site before induction. These tests are similar to those that your own physician would run before you were to undergo anesthesia. In addition, the results of these tests will serve as reference values for future use should your pet become ill.

Healthy pet under 7 years of age

Complete blood count (assesses anemia, infections, clotting Abnormalities) BUN (kidney), Glucose (sugar), ALT (liver), CREA (kidney), ALK (liver), & Electrolytes.

Additional Cost of $130


Required for Healthy pets 7 years of age and over, or Sick pet of any age.

Due to the increased risk of underlying health problems, reactions to anesthesia and longer recovery times, we have made bloodwork mandatory for patients 7 years and older.

Includes all of profile #1 plus the following:

ALB (protein), AMYL (pancreas), Bilirubin (liver), PHOS (kidney), Calcium (cancer), Cholesterol & Electrolytes

Additional cost of $165

Cats over 10 years: T- 4 Tests required with blood work at additional cost of $43.06

Dogs: If not CURRENT on their heartworm prevention/testing, we can do this while they are here. This test should be performed annually and pets should be on prevention year round.

Additional Cost $45

Cats: We recommend (especially new cats/kittens) be tested for FELV/FIV/HW, we can do this test while they are here. Feline Leukemia (FELV) and Feline AIDS (FIV) are serious diseases in cats caused by viral infections that weaken their immune system. Cats in a multi cat household and those who venture outdoors are at a greater risk of the infections.

Additional Cost $46.50

I wish to DECLINE ALL the recommended BLOODWORK AND TESTS for my pet. I assume full financial responsibility for my animal(s). I understand there is always a potential risk associated with anesthesia.